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Aircraft In Every Garage

Fri Jan 09, 2004 3:26 pm

Hey all. I always hear things on TLC and the Discovery Channel that someday we will all have our own personal aircraft in every garage and all live in fly-in communities eliminating the need for airline travel. I just wanted your opinions. Is this something that you would like to see or not. The question came to mind this evening while sitting through the lectures at "The Driver Safety Program." (My punishment for speeding instead of having to pay the fine) We were watching movies and having discussions on all aspects about driving safety and how to be a safe driver. Some topics brought up were: DUI's, not wearing seatbelts, road-rage etc. Then I started thinking about this whole personal aircraft thing. Of course I know that GA aircraft are flying all over, but everyone having their own small private jet. Would things that are all to prevalent in today's driving begin to appear and be a common thing in aviation? Things like FUI's (flying under the influence), and air-rage. I don't know, I see too many idiots on the road the way it is. I would hate to have to share the sky with them. Actually, unfortunately even when I'm flying nowadays I run into a lot of idiots that I'd prefer not to share the sky with. So imagine if aircraft in households were our main form of transportation. God, I can't even imagine that. Pulling up to the curb in my ultra-quite and ultra-fuel efficient personal jet to pick up my teenage son or daughter from flyers-ed.
I look foreword to hearing your thoughts.
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RE: Aircraft In Every Garage

Fri Jan 09, 2004 5:48 pm

FYI, this topic has been discussed recently so if you did a search on " sky car" you should be able to find quite a bit of detail on your question.

Below are two links to get you started:



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RE: Aircraft In Every Garage

Fri Jan 09, 2004 5:57 pm

Yes, it was discussed before.

But just imagine, how full these programs You just described are...Speeding, DUI, road rage, sheer dumbness, problems parking a car...for more than 50% of the drivers driving a car is a too high challenge (that's what I see every morning, as I would have a platinum card in a frequent driver program...)...what I see every other day: changing a lane including looking out for traffic...too difficult... , I often see people, parking a car half the size of mine, what takes me 1 minute is impossible for them...

then don't forget, flying gets a third dimension, the altitude, including more problems in addition to the already existing ones, like stalling, falling down when out of gas (You don't believe how many people simply forget to gas up their car before driving...), engine trouble, maintenance, gas prices...

As I think, GA will have a chance to increase, commuter flights will have a chance to prosper, the "personal" flying will always be a hobby for wealthy and skilled people. Don't get irritated by visions You see in 5th element or Minority Report, catch a vision of Your two dimensional road and imagines all these freaks in airspace...I would quit flying then!
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