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Reno Air And Airtran GPT Service

Sat Jan 10, 2004 3:27 am

I was wondering if anyone had info about Reno Air's Gulf Coast Flyer and AirTran's Gulfport operation. Specifically, when did Reno's service begin, did it end before the AA merger, when did AirTran take up the routes, and when did AirTran cancel the routes? Also, what kind of subsidies did the airlines receive from the local government and the casinos? Was it ever profitable? All input is appreciated! Thanks in advance

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RE: Reno Air And Airtran GPT Service

Sat Jan 10, 2004 3:47 am

As for RenoAir (QQ), I see they put it their timetable between January 28,1997 and May 22,1997. And, service to ATL from RNO began Feb 26,1998.
The Gulfport service was deleted between April 6,1998 and June 11,1998, and, subsequently, service to ATL was dropped July 7,1998.
I see AirTran has GPT started , I would say, very soon after, maybe cheaper contract rate for casinos. And I still see in Nov 12,2003 timetable service to GPT from ATL,TPA, and FLL.
That is all I can input, hope it helps some.