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Group Moves To Save Trident

Sat Jan 10, 2004 3:31 am

G-AWZK is a Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B - a British answer to the 727-200 is
you like. 26 aircraft were built in the early seventies and all went to BEA
(now British Airways) They served until the mid eighties when they were
withdrawn. Some were scrapped straight away, other were used a fire
trainers at a variety of UK airports. Most have since been scrapped. To my
knowledge there is no complete example of this aircraft anywhere. (One
Trident 1C exists at RAF Cosford, Shropshire and one Trident 2E at Duxford,
Cambridge) but not the stretched 3B version.

The aircraft, "Zulu Kilo" is at London Heathrow and was restored in 1994 by
the Trident Preservation Society for the British Airways "Happy Child
Charity" to be used for a variety of trianing purposes but also for events
(e.g. for the children to look round). In 2001, the aircraft was repainted
from the British Airways livery back into the original BEA livery from 1972.
The aircraft is fairly complete except for the outer wings which werecut off
by BA to save space (!).

The area around where the Trident is parked is to be cleared and so BA want
rid of it. The group has until February to raise money to pay to transport
the aircaft to a Museum in Manchester.

More information on the movement can be found at (and yes, it's about the Trident, not Concorde  Big grin).

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