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Indian Government Announces New Air Charter Policy

Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:36 pm

The Indian government has approved a new aviation charter policy that will go into effect from immediately.

Some highlights of the policy :

1. In bound and outbound charters will be permitted only for "Inclusive Tour Package" tourists.

2. Tourists travelling on inbound or outbound charters will stay for minimum of one week and maximum of four weeks in India/overseas.

3. Indian passport holders will also be permitted to travel on inbound charters.

4. Inbound charters will be permitted to all stations. Customs and immigration facilities will be provided with short notice at airports where such facilities do not exist.

5. All restrictions with respect to frequency and size of aircraft has been removed for outbound charters. The only condition that the tour operator organising outbound charter needs to fulfill is that he also needs to organize inbound charters maintaining a ration of 2:1 in the number of inbound and outbound tourists.

6. The obligation of 2:1 will not be required in case of outbound charters with aircraft size of 9 or less passengers and also in case of charters to religious pilgrimage like Haj.

7. Severe penalty has been introduced like cancellation of all charters for two years to prevent any misuse.

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