Whats Up With AirTrans Expansion?

Mon Jan 17, 2000 9:41 am

recently i was reading an article in some aviation mag. and it had a thing about AirTrans 717's in it. It said that once the planes arrive, AirTran will have the capabilities to expand to Denver and Phoenix. AirTran has not expanded in FOREVER except when it added 5 flights out of Gulfport Biloxi. They havent added a new city either! They already have 8 717-200's and havent expanded yet??? Whats Up With that?
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RE: Whats Up With AirTrans Expansion?

Mon Jan 17, 2000 9:46 am

They are doing the smart and rational thing rather than epanding they are replacing maint. and fuel inefficent aircraft with new ones...

Growth does not always equal success. In this business airlines need to make money not fly to the most places hence Airtran in one of their rare smart moves is retiring their DC-9-30's and 737-200's to be replaced with the 717's don't worry they have 50 planes coming online and that means a net fleet increase of 14 planes so eventually they will have to increase their flying but for now expect to see rationilization. A good move by Air Tran...

New Destinations

Mon Jan 17, 2000 10:16 am

anybody know of any other new proposed destinations?
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Mon Jan 17, 2000 12:36 pm

They probably will look seriously into expanding .....once they get all 717's which will take some time. They only got a few so far. Any expansion is probably a couple years away.
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RE: Expanding

Mon Jan 17, 2000 2:15 pm

You're right Bruce. FL wants to take care of fleet management before they start expanding. CO is doing the same thing.