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MD-80 Question

Mon Jan 17, 2000 1:37 pm

I was looking at a pic of a MD-80 and above the cabin on the bottom of the fin was a hole. Is it a cooling system or something.

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RE: MD-80 Question

Mon Jan 17, 2000 2:45 pm

I believe the hole at the bottom of the tail fin is for the
APU (Auxilliary Power Unit), The last time I saw an
MD-88, just after it pulled up to the gate and the engines were shut down, the APU was started and if you
looked carefully, at this "hole" you could see gas vapor
coming from it as well as the under portion of tail near
the rear stairs, where the APU is located. The system
enables the aircraft to have power while the engines are
not running, I believe.
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RE: MD-80 Question

Mon Jan 17, 2000 2:58 pm

That hole is the ram-air inlet for the air conditioning pack heat exchangers. The APU inlet is at the bottom just ahead of the APU. Same on a "diesel nine".
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Mon Jan 17, 2000 3:10 pm

I assume you meant the hole at the base of the leading edge of the vertical stab. APU exhaust would be on the rear fuselage about 2 O'clock (as viewed from the rear--looking fwd) about halfway down the #2 engine.

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