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This Weeks Airline

Mon Jan 19, 2004 2:15 pm

looking at the previews and it looks interesting...AKA none of that, "my child is 2 so shut up" stuff!

here we go:
you can get a better context of the show at: www.aetv.com/tv/shows/airline

Storyline 1
It's a day of high emotion on Airline. After thirty years as a Southwest pilot Captain Steve Palmason takes off for the very last time.

Storyline 2
Supervisor Mike Carr takes Customer Service to another level when he faces the difficult task of cleaning an Alzheimer's patient

Storyline 1
It's another day of problem solving for the Southwest staff on Airline. At LAX, Supervisor Mike Carr turns detective as he tries to solve the mystery of a missing ticket.

Storyline 2
Chicago, Customer Service Supervisor Vi is called to trouble shoot on two oversold flights.

Storyline 3
And Southwest passenger Tami Schwenk travels to LA with her husband Alan to fulfill her lifelong dream to be a contestant on The Price is Right show.