United Airlines Paint Scheme

Tue Jan 18, 2000 1:48 am

I noticed a new look for the UA website that's consistent with the new United Shuttle titling. Is United looking at changing the paint scheme - or the font of the titling - on its mainline fleet as well? Keep in mind that Delta changed its titling on the web and on printed materials a couple years before it completely changed its livery...
Thanks for the info.
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RE: United Airlines Paint Scheme

Tue Jan 18, 2000 2:07 am

The Shuttle scheme is a test livery to see what the public's reaction to it is (If you ask me, it is the ugliest, most drab scheme). If the public likes it, it might be applied fleet-wide, but if they don't, then there will be a little bit of tweaking to do in the way the planes are painted and the font that they are put into.

I remember the 767-200 "Olympic Spirit" (?) of DL's back in 1996 when ATL was hosting the Olympic Games. I saw the font they used on the plane and thought to my self, "Hmm...I wonder why they used that font..." (was, ofcourse, pre-new livery days)

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RE: United Airlines Paint Scheme

Wed Jan 19, 2000 12:00 am

United printed a new seating chart brochure last January (1999) that was distributed to all ticket offices. On the cover is a 777 with the new block letters. If you look closely you can see that it was airbrushed in and was not applied to the actual plane. However, why would United print such a picture if they had no plans to change the font? Makes you wonder what they're up to...
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RE: United Airlines Paint Scheme

Wed Jan 19, 2000 2:13 am

Speaking for Europe and working for the Ad Agency that works for United and other "Star Alliance"-airlines I only can underline what "ORD" is writing. In advertising United uses (since a year or so) a more "modern" looking typeface than on its planes. I have some doubts that this will lead to a livery change on its planes in near future, but you never know...
Maybe it´s nothing but a "test balloon". The current typeface suits their planes better than the "Shuttle"-Version anyway.