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Traveling To Africa, Please Help!

Tue Jan 20, 2004 11:13 pm

I am planning a trip to Africa this year. Can you help me to find a go priced ticket. I already did some search on the net but cannot come up with a price.
Halifax (YHZ) - London, England on April 30 (flexible 2 days before/after)
London, England - Lusaka (LUN), Zambia on July 30, (same flexibility)
LUN-YHZ, on Sep 6.
I am looking for economy seats. Whatever it the cheapest. If you find something, please provide me where you got it and how much.

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RE: Traveling To Africa, Please Help!

Wed Jan 21, 2004 12:01 am


This is just a rough draft and estimate. Ask a travel agent to give you a fare quote with all these flight details.

30 Apr Fr
YHZ/YUL: AC155 16H55 17H26 (Class: L) A320
YUL/LHR: AC864 20H00 07H30 (Class: L) A333

30 Jul Fr
LHR/JNB: SA235 19H30 07H30 (Class: S) 744

31 Jul Sa
JNB/LUN: SA66 13H45 15H45 (Class: S) 732

06 Sep Mo
LUN/JNB: SA65 14H30 16H35 (Class: S) 738
JNB/LHR: SA234 20H05 06H25 (Class: S) 744

07 Sep Tu
LHR/YUL: AC865 14H25 16H35 (Class: L) A333
YUL/YHZ: AC144 18H25 20H49 (Class: L) A320

Totale fare including airport and local taxes: 2,870.54 CAD

I hope this is of some help

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RE: Traveling To Africa, Please Help!

Wed Jan 21, 2004 12:45 am

KLM has a special to Jhb valid till the end of March, I think. Often, it is also cheaper to fly via Ams than direct, since they encourage transit traffic here and you also get the opportunity to stay over for up to four days in Amsterdam on the way! Let your agent look at it -- it's worth the small admin fee they charge if you book with them and saves you hours of searching around.
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