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AA's A/C On West Coast

Tue Jan 18, 2000 4:17 am

Contrary to what some in this forum speculated, AA is expanding on the west coast. I find it interesting that many former QQ routes are now being operated by mainline(not ex-QQ) aircraft. All 2700, 2800, and 2900 flight no's were from RenoAir, but recently more and more non-white aircraft(silver AAs) are operating these flights. Here are some examples I could find.

-2852 SNA-RNO 757 and return
-2790,2884,2712,2876 SNA-SJC 757 and return
-2784 RNO-ORD MD80 and return
-2788 RNO-SEA 738 and return

Im sure there are others. I just found this to be very interesting. Thoughts, comments?


RE: AA's A/C On West Coast

Tue Jan 18, 2000 4:54 am

Not all of the flights that AA is operating in the 2700-2900 flight number range are those that were former Reno Air flying. Some of the flights in that range were pre-existing AA flights. I suspect that all of the west coast to west coast flying is numbered in this range so that AA can distinguish these flights easily.

Also, silver AA aircraft that are flying on the former Reno Air routes are probably done so in order to release some of the Reno Air aircraft so that they can go through paint lines to be painted with the AA stripes/logos.

The 757 flying that you mention above all are probably the same aircraft throughout the day.....hence all having to be put on a 757.

The MD-80 mnentioned above is not a silver plane. It is a former Reno Air aircraft that flys the route. I've seen it at the gate, but, the 737 that is flying the other two trips IS a silver AA airplane. But it only makes sense for AA to do this since they most likely would like to have the smae type of "product" flying into a major hub. Most likely, AA couldn't get a third 737 on the route for some reason and had to settle on having a MD-80. Also note that the MD-80 only turns back to Reno and does not intermingle with the other routes out of ORD.