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Will AirTran Ever Go West?

Tue Jan 18, 2000 7:47 am

Just as the question states....
A hub at LAS might work for them. Nearly all of the airlines that used to use the A gates at LAS left for the new D gates, so AirTran would have just about the whole A terminal to themselves.
Just a thought.....
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RE: Will AirTran Ever Go West?

Tue Jan 18, 2000 4:26 pm

I doubt you will see Air Tran go into LAS

First, Southwest (enough said on that subject)
Second, It is a hub for America West

Finally, The 717 fleet Air Tran is acquiring has a range of about 1700 NM and that puts most of the west coast out of range of Atlanta.

I think there are plenty of markets for Air Tran to focus on in the east and midwest. I would not expect any growth in the West or the Northwest.

In order to really make the west work Air Tran would need a midwest hub to reach either coast with the 717. And as they have no other type in their fleet and I do not believe any intention of ordering another fleet type that would mean they wouldn't be poised for such growth. Sorry to really the bad news. They do tend to dilute and bring down the fares in markets they serve... But hey you have Southwest out there to do the same thing and heck they do a better job!