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Aeroflot Alliance Battle

Fri Jan 23, 2004 8:56 pm

Two articles in the Moscow Times today (, one in print, both on their website, has Aeroflot first choosing SkyTeam due to implied rebuff by Star Alliance (Lufthansa), and then Lufthansa telling the newspaper that actually it would be better if Aeroflot joined Star. Aeroflot has publicly stated it has chosen Skyteam, but its major shareholder, the gov't, has to ultimately decide. Aeroflot is already very well code-shared with Air France and CSA, but competes with Delta on the SVO-JFK route. However, Delta would gain access to many destinations in Russia via codeshare, while Lufthansa already serves 7 of them directly from Germany. My 2 cents is that it will be SkyTeam in the end, but the serious questions of whether SVO will ever be overhauled or augmented with a new terminal loom, as well as the general negative perception of Aeroflot by westerners in general. Aeroflot also flys many Soviet aircraft, some of which are nearly as old as Northwest's DC-9s (lol), that while perfectly safe, do not enjoy a good public reputation. Any more insights? For more opinions you can also look on
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RE: Aeroflot Alliance Battle

Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:37 pm

Why SU should necessary join some alliance?
Couldn't they stay out? And if necessary use codeshare agreements?
Are advantages of joining will make them more profitable?

posts in the link you gave in the end of your post mention some disagreements between LH and SU dated back to the time when LH started operations. Do you know what are those disagreements?