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A300-600R Question

Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:24 pm

I flew from BKK to HKT two weeks ago on a Thai Airways A300-600R (HS-TAT), and noticed that the flight crew didn't extend the flaps on take-off although the airplane was fully loaded!!!

Is it a normal procedure for an A300-600 or have u seen this before on another type of aircraft????
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RE: A300-600R Question

Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:54 pm

Yep it's normal procedure for the A300 to take off with only slats extended.
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RE: A300-600R Question

Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:38 pm

Well, I do it in Cessnas all the time...

But yeah, I have seen many JAS A300s (now JAL) perform that very same maneuver, but I think that it is type related. I have flown in several A319s and a few A320s, and the flaps and slats both go down.
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RE: A300-600R Question

Tue Jan 27, 2004 12:45 am

I've flown on A300s many times and several of them took off without flaps extended, just the leading edge slats. The wings are so efficient that when conditions are right, like a lighter load or cool weather, they can take off in that configuration.

I experienced this on both A300B4 and -600R variants.

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RE: A300-600R Question

Tue Jan 27, 2004 12:57 am

OK here is the explanation:
There are three S/F positions (Slat/Flap) for T/O:
1) Slats 15 = Slats (only) extended
2) Flaps 15 = Slats fully extended and flaps to 15°
3) Flaps 20 = Slats fully extended and flaps to 20°

The crews usually select the optimum T/O position which is (I admit a little simplified for all the laymen around:
The higher the temperature is and
the higher the airport elevation is and
the longer the runway is
the lesser S/F position is selected

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