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B73G Longest Seg

Wed Jan 19, 2000 8:13 am

i just found out that the longest known non stop flight of B73G so far is CMN-LBV(Casablanca-Libreville) which is 6h40mn long.Any other longer flights of this type known?
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RE: B73G Longest Seg

Wed Jan 19, 2000 9:54 pm

No, but the ORD-ANC run on AS, will be very close.
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Wed Jan 19, 2000 11:54 pm

Last summer an Israeli charter airline, ISRAIR which operates 73G's & ATR's had few flights from TLV to Mombasa in Kenya with a 73G....
this flight tooks 6:30 houres
and there are 148 sits in the plane

The Answer Is....

Thu Jan 20, 2000 12:09 am

PTY-EZE on Copa Airlines. The distance is 3319 miles, and the scheduled block time is 7hr 10min westbound and 6hr 55min eastbound.
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Alaska & Copa

Thu Jan 20, 2000 7:23 am

These are the longest ones that I could find.

ORD-ANC on Alaska Airlines
PTY-EZE on Copa Airlines(Panama)
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What About Domestic?

Thu Jan 20, 2000 8:17 am

I know AA flies the 737-800 from SEA to BOS. How long is that?
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RE: Above

Thu Jan 20, 2000 8:46 am

BOS-SEA is 2496 st miles.
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RE: Above

Thu Jan 20, 2000 11:59 am

How long is Aloha's new Oakland-Honolulu flight going ot be? They start Feb 1 I beleive, with a 737-700.
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RE: Swiss World

Thu Jan 20, 2000 3:23 pm

I remember reading a magazine (can't remember which one) stating that Swiss World was interested in ordering 737-700s for Transatlantic "hops". This was back about 1-2 years ago when Swiss World thought they were gonna succeed at Geneva-Newark flights, and then add Geneva-Dulles and Geneva-Montreal. I assume that they would have required a fuel stop in Shannon, or maybe Keflavik, but maybe somehow they could run a 73G transatlantic. Although weight restrictions would be very much in effect.
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