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Want To Help To Restore A Concorde?

Thu Jan 29, 2004 5:02 am

BA have allocated Concorde 202 (G-BBDG) for preservation at Brooklands in Surrey.
Though it never flew pax for BA, after this retired development (2nd production) aircraft was purchased from BAe in 1984, it played a vital part in providing the spares allowing such a long service life, it's flying life was dedicated to proving the production standard aircraft for service.
202's final role was as a test for the fitment of armoured flight deck doors.

Though Brooklands (that built components for all Concordes) has a collection of Vickers/BAC transports and other aircraft, they have not got huge resources.
With Concorde OAF (216) now at Filton, 202 has to move.
Moving this aircraft will be a big task, even though it is already very stripped (but sound in construction) some 'surgery' will be required, then of course full restoration.

I have met those managing this project, firstly on OAF in the hangar, a few days before it's last flight, and last Sunday at a meeting.
They are both realistic and passionate. True aviation people.
They intend, should they succeed, in making the restored aircraft fully open to the public, which you won't get at the other museums, not to the extent that Brooklands want to open 202 up anyway.

They need both money and help, they are exploring all means to get these, but this is your chance.
A huge amount of manhours will be needed to make this vision a reality, skilled people with Concorde knowledge are needed and being sought, but also there will be much to do from people with just a love of aviation, in so many areas.
You may get the chance to actually work on a Concorde and/or it's components.

A restored and accessible Concorde will of course provide a big influx of interest and revenue, allowing big improvements in the preservation and facilities of all the aircraft at Brooklands., who's webmaster is devoting much time both in publicity and actually getting parts needed for this project, is the focal point for these efforts, he's been working with Brooklands for several months now.

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