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Any News On FreshAer?

Thu Jan 29, 2004 5:43 pm

FreshAer was supposed to start some UK destinations ex-DUB last year, but their operations were put on hold as they were not granted an operators' certificate.
Their website is still up, so will we see their 757's take to the skies one day ?
If so, it would be nice to see anothe entrant in the DUB to BHX market  Smile

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RE: Any News On FreshAer?

Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:25 pm

Yes, BHX certainly could do with another airline operating to DUB - especially now that MyTravelLite is practically shutting up shop, which is a crying shame in itself as in my experience they had great crews and service - one captain was even kind enough to invite me to come up to the flightdeck for a chat, and went for a drink in the bar with me afterwards while I waited for my connecting flight to GLA - gave me some damn good career advice as well.

Oh well, life goes on.

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RE: Any News On FreshAer?

Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:57 pm

FreshAer wasn't ever going anywhere - there are too many airlines in this 'low fares' sector - as MyTravel found out - and so too will Jet2, and many many more.
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RE: Any News On FreshAer?

Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:58 pm

They were not granted an AoC something to do with being investigated for something or other?? Cant really remember but something to do with questions over the founder maybe?

Everyone said this wouldn't happen, and unfortunately I think they are right.

I second Gordon's comments. MyTravelLite are great. Maybe not always on time (!) but overall they are a great set up. Sad to see them go  Sad