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Cranebank Training Faclities In UK

Mon Feb 02, 2004 12:32 am

I was wondering, the Boeing 737 cabin trainer at Cranebank near Heathrow, was it once actually a flying 737 or was it built for the purpose of training?

If anyone has any ideas or any pilots or crew who trained here know's could you please try to answer.

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RE: Cranebank Training Faclities In UK

Mon Feb 02, 2004 4:54 am

I've had training at Cranebank for Flight Attendant Recurrent Emergency Training. UA rents it from BA to train our LHR, FRA and CDG based FA's.

The facilities we used were all sparkling clean and really nice mock-ups. I can't speak about the flight sims since I never had to use them. The facility really was nice and besides the dodgy food in the mess hall, it was a great two days!

Did I mention the place was clean!? Like immaculate! Sparkling! Plus it was fun being that close to LHR's runway and watching one wide-body after another take off from my classroom window!

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RE: Cranebank Training Facilities In UK

Mon Feb 02, 2004 9:50 am

The 737 and 747 Cabin trainers at Cranebank LHR were built specifically as mock-ups, although very good ones, but were never actual operational aircraft. I'm not sure if they were built by Boeing (but I suspect not), as for the types that do not have full cabin trainers (767/DC10/777-I think) the door trainers were manufactured by a specialist company, not Boeing/Airbus - although fine for training purposes and with identical functions to the 'real thing', there is quite a big difference in how the training doors feel to operate compared to those on the actual aircraft.