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Black Boeing 747-400

Thu Jan 20, 2000 7:05 am

Some of you will have seen the Air New Zealand 'All Blacks' B747-400 about. Before the final design was finalised, there was much media interest and speculation about what the design would look like. One proposed design can be found at:


Personally, I think this looks awesome.

There were some reports in the press that Air NZ would not consider an all-black 747 because (1) the darker colours absorb too much heat and (2) black paint is heavier (!) Does this make any sense, or do you think it was simply a cost issue? Also, does anyone know of any real civil aircraft painted black?
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RE: Black Boeing 747-400

Thu Jan 20, 2000 7:19 am

I think Hugh Heffners (playboy) private dc-9 was black with a gold bunny..and i agree the black 747 concept looks great, although a very evil look for any airline to take on..
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RE: Black Boeing 747-400

Fri Jan 28, 2000 4:25 am

MGM Grand Air (a luxury airline in the US from a few years ago - now defunct) flew all black 727-100s. They had red and gold trim.

RE: Black Boeing 747-400

Fri Jan 28, 2000 4:29 am

Air Canada currently flies an A320 painted all black with the "Toronto Raptors" NBA logo on the tail. I think there are pictures of it on this site if you do a search from the home page.

RE: Bizclass

Fri Jan 28, 2000 4:55 am


Air Canada used to fly a A320 with the Toronto Raptors paint scheme. This plane (fin# 206) is now in the regular AC colors. Also, this plane was not black, it was a dark forest green. Just for the record.