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United - Update Your Website Please!

Wed Feb 04, 2004 3:29 pm

Has anyone else noticed that the UA website for the UK is hopelessly out of date?

On the front page, they have the Buy Business, Fly First Promo which ended 12th December.
Continuing on, under the Mileage Plus section, the Hertz promo ended way back September 30th 2003, and their hotel promos ended between June and September 2003. Also, their special offer fares needed to have been booked by 27th Jan.

This doesn't make a very good impression. Surely they need to have a look at this pretty quick, as keeping their MP members happy (loyal too) must be one of the best ways for recovery.
Especially annoying as when you look at the US website, there are loads of promos, but only open to residents of the US, Canada etc.

Anyone with similar views on their other country websites.