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Argentina Flights

Thu Jan 20, 2000 12:06 pm

I was quite impressed by the knowledge and interest in the topic of "Latin American Airports" and airlines to Latin America. Therefore I will submit a related topic. It is my understanding that the U.S. and Argentina have signed a new bilateral aviation treaty. I believe that DL and CO are competing for authority to Argentina from ATL and EWR, respectively. Whoever doesn't receive the authority to begin this year will most likely start it in 01' (unless someone else decides they want it). Any guesses who will step up to challenge AA and UA to Buenos Aires? I guess CO will get it first. What do others think? CO has been doing a lot better in Latin American expansion over the last few years.
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RE: Argentina Flights

Thu Jan 20, 2000 12:27 pm


Well, it is true that Argentina signed a open skies treaty with the U.S. Some issues have gotten in the way, however, in the last few weeks. One, Argentina has a new government, so they are reviewing the treaty. Also, American Airlines had announced they would leave the leadership role over Aerolineas Argentinas. This created speculation that in fact AA had no interests in helping AR with its problems, but that it wanted to get AR profitable U.S routes when the company went belly up. Last week, though, AA said they are still commited to AR. So, in this soap opera, who knows what will come next? Expect the treaty eventually to hold, however. Aerolineas will be force to reestructure because of losses in its international side, & heavy competition domestically.
Continental & Delta have applied to fly to Argentina. I would expect Continental to get the first deal, flying from Newark to EZE. Then Delta from Atlanta, & then, in 2003, theoretically open skies would begin, that would allow any airline from either country to fly were they wish to. Then you would see Continental from Houston probably, as well as direct flights to other cities in Argentina: Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, etc. Cordoba is getting a brand new international airport, so expect flights to that city in the future. United wants to begin LAX-EZE service, & American rumors to start DFW-EZE. LAPA, an Argentine carrier, now flies to Atlanta 3 times a week. There is plenty of room for growth, EZE is also expanding so that more gates are available. If this agreement holds, expect a nice increase in flights between both countries. I hope this has helped, be lucky.
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RE: Argentina Flights

Thu Jan 20, 2000 3:28 pm

Last year, or the year before I remember that LAPA (Argentina's second largest airline) wanted to take over Aerolineas Argentinas dormant EZE (Buenos Aires int) - Los Angeles service. Currently AR is still not flying to LAX and United is wanting to start that service.

Also, this whole issue of Delta starting a Buenos Aires service from Atlanta, wouldn't LAPA hurt if this were to happen? Does LAPA codeshare with Delta on the EZE - Atlanta service. Does it have interchangable frequent flyer miles? Would LAPA be elligable for the new Delta/AF alliance? They really need a partner for S.America. They allready have AeroMexico, but this airline is in N.America. I really believe that LAPA would fit in nicely.

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RE: Argentina Flights

Fri Jan 21, 2000 12:46 am

Looks like DL trumped CO!

Thursday January 20, 8:49 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
SOURCE: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Delta to Launch Nonstop Atlanta-Rio De Janeiro Service
ATLANTA, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL - news) is pleased to announce it will initiate the first nonstop service between Atlanta and Rio de Janeiro beginning June 1. The new service will operate three times per week with Boeing 767-300ER aircraft.

Mark Drusch, Delta's senior vice president - network management, said, ``The establishment of nonstop Rio de Janeiro service from Atlanta is an important benefit for Delta passengers that will dramatically improve service and convenience on the route.'' Route rights to Brazil are restricted, and, until recently, Delta held authority to operate only one single daily flight, and was limited to serving Rio de Janeiro on a one-stop basis via Sao Paulo. Drusch noted that, ``the new nonstop service will substantially reduce travel times and improve the ability of Delta to compete for Rio De Janeiro passengers.''

The new Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro service is possible because the Department of Transportation recently awarded Delta three flights that had been allocated to Continental for Houston-Brazil service, but which Continental had failed to use. Drusch said, ``We are pleased that the DOT has awarded Delta the opportunity to use the three flights for the expansion of our Atlanta-Brazil service. This new flight will bring great competition, better service, and more convenient flight schedules for business and leisure travelers between the United States and Rio de Janeiro.

``This new service is a key component of Delta's plan to fully develop its Latin American network, particularly from the Atlanta gateway. Over the past three years Delta has successfully expanded service to 11 Latin American and Mexican destinations, providing 16 flights per day to eight countries,'' Drusch said.

Jorge Fernandez, Delta's director - Latin America, said, ``With each additional new service, Delta continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to Latin America. Our Latin American team is dedicated to strengthening existing service, while expanding our Latin America network by offering our business and leisure passengers more frequent Delta service to more cities.''

Due to extraordinary demand for its Brazil service, Delta introduced MD-11 aircraft on its Atlanta-Sao Paulo-Rio de Janeiro flight in December 1999, increasing its seating capacity 40 percent. Both Atlanta-Sao Paulo and Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro service will offer Delta's award-winning BusinessElite service.

Delta, named Airline of the Year by Air Transport World magazine and ``Best-Managed Major Airline'' for 1999 by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, is the world's most flown carrier. A record 106 million passengers traveled on Delta in 1999. Delta, Delta Express, Delta Shuttle, the Delta Connection carriers and Delta's Worldwide Partners operate more than 5,423 flights each day to over 365 cities in 60 countries. Delta's Web site is www.delta-air.com .

SOURCE: Delta Air Lines, Inc.

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RE: Rio De Janeiro, Argentina...

Fri Jan 21, 2000 2:41 am

Last time I checked, I read on the map Rio de Janerio, Brazil...
...not Rio de Janeiro, Argentina!!!

that is only one route. Continental will get to fly to EZE from Newark, no debate about that. United will fly from LAX, & maybe DWF by AA. Delta will have to wait to fly to Argentina, sorry. Plus LAPA already serves Atlanta. If there are people that are fixed on going to Buenos Aires, they will not wait till Delta flies there, they will fly with LAPA, or connect in Miami.
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Fri Jan 21, 2000 7:32 am

Comet --- are you EVER correct! I thought I had seen an earlier posting about CO losing IAH-EZE service if they didn't implement it immediately, and I confused that with this DL story. Thanks for the correction!