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Amphibious planes

Tue Jan 05, 1999 7:58 am

Boeing came out with the Clipper which could land/takeoff on water and land. Is there any merit to adding water landing/takeoff capability to the modern jetliners of today. The clipper had its lower half of the fuselage cross section shaped like the hull of a ship. In addition it had two boat like structures under the wings to provide stability when floating in water. Adding those structures would increase drag but would it not increase safety for transpacific or transatlantic flights?

RE: Amphibious planes

Tue Jan 05, 1999 8:12 am

Well, landing a 100 ton aircraft in water is not going to work. It would be safer in the old time with the DC-6's and such, but it is hard to get a 777 down fast on land, imagine water!? Also, it would increase the drag A LOT. The whole point of retracting landing gear was so nothing stayed out. I do belive it is a god idea on little aircraft though. Happy new year to ya!