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767-200NG And -300NG Info.

Fri Jan 21, 2000 2:08 am

In recent posts I have noticed some people mention Boeing's plan to introduce a "Next Generation" version of their 767-200 and -300. I am aware that Continental is planning on ordering these versions, especially the -200, but I am having a hard time finding information on the 767NG's--Boeing has not posted any releases on their website about it. So, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with additional information, maybe even a website, about the revised 767s. Will they have updated avionics, a tapered winglet (similar to the 764) or a new interior? I am very curious about this since many 767-200s around the world seem to be reaching maturity (almost 20 years old) and there isn't a current straight competitor for the 767-200 in terms of passenger capacity (the A330-200 is too big).

Your thoughts appreciated.

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RE: 767-200NG And -300NG Info.

Fri Jan 21, 2000 2:38 am

The B767-200 line has been idle for quite some time. However, Gordon was able to get Boeing to start the line again for the Continental order. Our B767-200s' will have some of the new advancements that can be incorporated without major engineering changes. Our
-200s' will have the same interior as the-400. But the outside for the most part will be just the classic -200, the cockpit will also have the standard B757/767 cockpit. Not the new -400 cockpit.
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RE: 767-200NG And -300NG Info.

Fri Jan 21, 2000 3:49 am

I understand that the new Raked wingtip is also a feature that can be incorporated on any 767 wing. Is Continental getting the new wingtips?


RE: 767-200NG And -300NG Info.

Fri Jan 21, 2000 4:33 am

The 762's will have a remodeled interior cabin, similar to the 777. There will be no exterior differences between the new 762 and the old. The cockpit will be the same as the 757, so that common-type rating will be acheived simply by viewing a 2hr video on the 762 cockpit differences. The aircraft will seat 25J and 149Y, and Ship 901 will make it's debut in October 2000.
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RE: 767-200NG And -300NG Info.

Fri Jan 21, 2000 4:41 am

It is possible to order both the 762 and 763 with the new interior and new cockpit. I know that Lauda has already received at least 1 763 with the new interior and updated electronic systems (including videos at every seat)