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What's The Deal W/ The DO-328JET?

Fri Jan 21, 2000 5:35 am

Does anyone know how many Dornier 328 JETs are in service, or on order, and with which carriers? Such a beautiful plane... is there really a place for it?
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RE: What's The Deal W/ The DO-328JET?

Fri Jan 21, 2000 5:52 am

Here comes the list:
In service:
Gandalf Airlines 2
Ozark Airlines 2
Skyway Airlines 5
Tyrolean Jet Service 1
Hainan Airlines 1
Dogmoch Group 1
St Thomas Energy Exports 1
Wanair 1
Bristow Helicopter Services Nigeria (Shell)

On order (including the 428JET)
Gandalf Airlines: 4+5 options
Minerva Italy 4
Modern Air 10+10
Tyrolean Jet Service 1+2
Atlantic Coast Airlines 15 328JET + 40 428JET + 55 options
Atlantic Coast Jet 25+30
Ozark Airlines 2+3
Skyway Airlines 5+10
Hainan Airlines 19+20
Wanair 1
Locat 1
others 8

Total: 95 firm 328JET, 40 firm 428JET, 135 options

From this number of orders I would say, Yes, there is a market. When you count the direct competition, the ERJ-135 which has logged 140+57 orders and options and the 328/428JET you get to a market for at least 500-1000 planes.

Rumoured orders for the 328/428JET are:
Frederico Il Airways
Jet 2000
Scot Airways
Air Wisconsin
Atlantic southeast Airlines
Skyway Airlines
US Airways
Airlink Swaziland
Air Marshall Islands

I´m glad for anyone who can provide me rumours for ALL regional planes. To find out more about this business you should wisit my site "Regional orders page" under this domain: http://fly.to/rorders
If you´ve got any comments feel free to post them. I hope this helped you a bit.

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