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Hughes AirWest

Fri Jan 21, 2000 6:37 am

How about the "big banana of the West"?
Anyone here ever fly them? What were they like?

RE: Hughes AirWest

Fri Jan 21, 2000 6:59 am

My father worked at Hughes Aiwest from the day it was formed till the day it died. I flew on RW hundreds of times,727-2M7s, DC-9s and the F-27s. Service was about average for Local Service Carriers of the 70s. Service was all coach until the late 70s when they introduced "Business Coach" service with bigger seats up front and other perks. I use to go to work with my dad and help load the F-27s. Ive also got large collection of Hughes Airwest memorbillia. Im thinking of makeing a RW webpage someday in the future.