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Airline Maintenance Furlows

Mon Feb 09, 2004 7:37 am

Staying just with the 'Majors'.....how far back do the Maintenance Furlows go as to hire dates...?? How many years of service did you need to be safe.......?? I've heard some company go back as far as 5-7 years.....!!!

I ask because although tempted to try to get on with the majors when I was with a Regional in 1997, I never did and went to work with a Part 145 Repair Station.
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RE: Airline Maintenance Furlows

Mon Feb 09, 2004 8:54 am

Delta only had involuntary layoffs back to a early '01 hire date I think. It is kind of hard to tell by looking at our senority list right now, because the process is still going on. It also depended on where you were. A low guy in a undesirable station could have been spared if no one chose to bump him. Of course some guys with a lot of senority elected to get layed off instead of move. The highest was 12/86. He worked in ANC which was one of the two stations we closed.

We have a about 140 guys that have been furlouged but are still working. They helped man the Song mods and are now helping do the 737 HMV that are coming out of the desert. The last word is they will be done working in March. If they find another job before then they can go with full recall rights. I think the total that were forced out was about 400. We have actually begun recalling guys. Nine guys have been brought back to fill positions.

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