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Civil Aircraft Registration In India

Tue Feb 10, 2004 1:55 am

All civilian aircrafts in India have the prefix "VT". I used to think, its just a random two alphabet prefix. I was later informed by a friend working with the civil aviation ministry that VT stands for Victorian Territory.

My personal opinion is that if possible, we must change this prefix to something more relevant.
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RE: Civil Aircraft Registration In India

Tue Feb 10, 2004 2:04 am

Many countries uses more or less meaningless prefixes (e.g. Poland - SP, Latvia - YL).

In Lithuania it is more or less meaningful (LY), however still not fully, because second letter in both Lithuanian and English (and many other) variants of word "Lithuania" is "i", not "y", and I doubt in some language this word is written with "y". LT would be more logical, as this one is used on cars also. LR (Lithuanian Republic), LI (LIthuania), would be logical alternates also...

But well, I guess this aircraft registration thing is just two (or one) letters and there shouldn't be made fuss about it. Same as about airport codes - Baghdad International is still SDA (from SaDdAm) as it seems, while Ho Chi Minh international is still SGN (from SaiGoN)...
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RE: Civil Aircraft Registration In India

Tue Feb 10, 2004 6:25 pm

Victorian Territory? Well what does VH-XXX (Aus) stand for?

ANy suggestions on what you can change it? I erpsonally think that it need not be changed? Why try to fix something that aint broke?
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RE: Civil Aircraft Registration In India

Thu Feb 12, 2004 6:02 am

The national registration letters were all allocated by ICAO, I think, in the 1930's. Most of the then British Empire territories and Dominions were given V* prefixes - VH for Australia, VT India etc.
It does not stand for Victorian Territory.