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Tue Feb 10, 2004 5:41 pm

Any thoughts on why BA/AA would not combine their ops at both JFK and LHR? Seeing as they have such a close alliance it would seem to make sense.
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Tue Feb 10, 2004 6:43 pm

EU Competition committee - but I don't know. With all that has changed recently I would imagine that what you suggest is more likely, but BA may not want to get too closely tied to American given its current financial situation.

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Tue Feb 10, 2004 6:52 pm

I think a first step if this happens is to allow FF points to be earnt on transatlantic sectors on both airlines using either AAdvantage or the Executive Club. It is most annoying at the moment as depending on which program you are a member of you are restricted across the atlantic to the parent airline of the respective FF program!

However if this is allowed, I'm sure co-ordination of schedules will naturally follow at JFK and LHR and other destinations where AA and BA fly often, namely LAX and DFW.
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Tue Feb 10, 2004 11:59 pm

BA owns T7 at JFK and AA owns T8 and T9 at JFK. AA is going through massive renovations to build the new T8 which will demolish the current T8 and T9. T7 at JFK supports QF, LA, and CX flights. T8 supports IB and AY flights also. EI leaves out of T4, the IAT. BA and AA have spent a lot of money to update their terminals. I think that they will stay separate at JFK.

At LAX, QF and AA both share T4. There is not enough gate space at T4 to support the AA), New Zealand">AKL and MEL flights. Only the SYD leave from T4. All of QFs pax go through customs and integration in the T4 facilities. Both QF and AA share the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge in T4. You can see QF markings at the entrance to the club. I thought it was a stupid idea for AA to leave T3; they could have kept the gate space and upgraded it to support the RJ flights. When things pick up again at LAX, they're going to need the gate space. But they did give the gates to their partner AS. Both CX and BA use separate facilities in the TBIT.

At DFW, all of the intl operations will be moved to Terminal D. This was mandated by the DFW airport. At least all of the terminals will be connected now by the new airtrain that is being built. The only form of transport behind security is the TrAAin which serves A, B, and C AA gates. The current DFW train is outside of security. We'll see what happens here when the new terminal gets built.

At ORD, IB and AA both use the AA complex, while EI and BA use terminal M. At BOS, AA and BA use separate facilities. At MIA, AA, IB, and BA use separate facilities.

For some time, CX used the same facilities as AA at SFO, but they moved to the new intl terminal when it opened. CX does not share lounge or check-in space with BA at SFO.

BA and AA pretty much use separate facilities throughout the US at their gateways. We will see what happens, but the Admirals Clubs pales in comparison to the Terraces Lounges.