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Retro/Historic Jets

Fri Jan 21, 2000 1:07 pm

Perhaps all of the airlines should paint a plane or two in a historic livery associated with it. Here are some examples:

Delta: Could paint a 737-200 in white Western, a 737-300 in silver Western and a 727 in Northeast livery.

American could keep an MD-80 in Reno Air colors, and paint a 737 in AirCal livery.

Continental....would begin to be another WestPac...
let's see....
A DC-10 in the old golden colors.
A 777 in the VERY old golden jet colors (that would be sweet)
An MD-80 in New York Air
A 737-300 in PEOPLExpress
A 737-700 in Frontier

Northwest would be another one.....
Take some DC-9's, and paint one each of a
Hughes Airwest
North Central
Air West
a 727 in the Republic goose livery
A 757 in the final Republic white and grey livery
An A320 in the plain red tail livery

A United "Friendship" 777 would be a classic..

An Alaska MD-80 painted as Jet America would be stylish.

A Southwest 737-700 painted as Muse Air would make history.
A Southwest 737-300 painted as TranStar will be the most photographed 737 in the world (after the WestPac Simpsons plane).

A USAir(ways) MD-80 repainted as PSA would redeem USAirways in innumerable ways...or stir up a lot of tension.
A USAirways A320 painted as Piedmont would rank as one of the best practical jokes in history.
A USAirways F-100 painted in the old rust colors would be awe inspiring.

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RE: Retro/Historic Jets

Sat Jan 22, 2000 1:19 am

Nice idea... Wish airlines would do that. The 1% of the travellers who are conscious of what's going on in the airline business would love it, and there's the problem. The marketing-staff would veto it; they would be afraid people wouldn't understand, or think they board a backwardish plane which hasn't got a paintjob in 10 years. They want a high profile of their current livery. But there's a guy on internet who adjusts photo's; very hilarious livery-aircraft combinations, like a Southwest A320, BA DC-8, Air Canada 737, TAP 767 etc. Maybe you can suggest him the above liveries.
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RE: Retro/Historic Jets

Sat Jan 22, 2000 8:18 am

hey, why not? All that has to be done is to market it correctly, and the public will love it. Automakers still draw on old, classic names for new, or proposed new cars (Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Ford T-bird, etc.), and the NFL did very well when they went retro for the 75th anniversary. It was a big marketing succcess. There's no reason to think that if it were portrayed to the public properly, it wouldn't work... quite the contrary... I think it would.