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Southwest 727

Tue Jan 05, 1999 12:00 pm

Has anyone out there ever flown on a Southwest 727? I know that Southwest is usually thought of as an all-737 airline, but on 8/1/84 I flew from HOU to MSY on Southwest Flight 859, a B727-227, N564PE. I think it must have been leased, but it was in full Southwest colors and it had the same seat design as they have in their 737s.

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RE: Southwest 727

Wed Jan 06, 1999 3:26 am

I never flew on one, but you're quite right, Southwest had a few in the mid-80s.
As I recall, they needed a bit more capacity and range than the 737-200 afforded, so they leased a few 727s. They came all the way out to the west coast, which at the time was a big deal for Southwest!

Of course, this was just before the 737-300 became available and once Southwest acquired enough of the 'new' 737s, the 727s were returned to the lessor.
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RE: Southwest 727

Wed Jan 06, 1999 11:15 am

They had two sets of 727's. The first few came in the late 70's and had a slightly different paint scheme. I think they were leased from Braniff as kind of a good will gesture to prove that the rivalry between the two was over. The second set was leased from PEOPLExpress in the 80's and I think they looked like SW except they weren't the same shade of brown they were ugly gold. L1011 has flown on some very neat planes. (At least I think so)