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Fri Jan 21, 2000 8:58 pm

Hello to all,

A few days ago, there was a -rather small- thread about Airbus order codes, which turned out not to be order codes at all.
As where in the example of a B737-229, the "29" indicated it involves a B737-200 ordered by Sabena, it was indicated that the last two numbers in Airbus type codes have a slightly different meaning.
The last number would indicate the gross weight of the aircraft in ascending order, and the second to last would refer to the type of engine. (Information from Kaitak -thanks again.)

However, we didn't have a "number 3" type engine.

That leaves the question of which engines are on e.g. A320-232s as flown by United, America West, Air Macau, Constellation (RIP), and so on... (Cf. A.N database.)

Can anyone shine a light on the matter and/or confirm any of the other info on these "codes"?

Thank you in advance,

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RE: A320-232

Sat Jan 22, 2000 3:04 am

Just a guess here, but could it be the IAE V2500? I think that's what is offered for the 320, and UA flies it.
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Sat Jan 22, 2000 3:16 am

I think you're right, D L X. After reading your suggestion in the other thread again, I went and checked out William Harms' list, and it turns out all A320-.3. aircraft I came across at first sight, are equipped with a V2500 - or V2527-A5, to be more precise, in some cases.
So I guess the mystery is hereby solved. I find it interesting to see two manufacturers' different approaches in using codes, though.

Thanks again,

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RE: A320-232

Sat Jan 22, 2000 7:41 am

America West and United busses use the IAE V2500....