727 Wings

Sat Jan 22, 2000 7:57 am

Hello !

I`m wondering if the 727 wings are more advanced than the wings on new aircraft when not concidering fuel concumption.Is the 727 capable to make more spectacular manouvers during decent,turns etc.than a 737NG ?

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RE: 727 Wings

Sat Jan 22, 2000 8:11 am

though iam a passionate 727 lover, i don't think that the wings of a 727 which was designed in the early sixties are more advanced than those of the 737NG.

The thing of being able to more manouver has less to do with the wings. Almost on all 'old' aircrafts the manouver capabilities are greater because the new aircrafts are more computerized and all orders (ditching the nose for example) do pass through a computer who checks the feasability of it before carriyng it out, So when trying to manouver you will make very tough and big deviations to the normal flight path thus giving the computer reasons for -sometimes- correcting your order before carrying it out. The best example is the A320, some crashed because pilots had to get used to the fact of flying a plane which has way less manouver or rather that doesn't blindly do what you ask it to do. > the pilot's job is more to observe (without insulting any of you pilots out there!) which means basically more saftey to flight > Fly by wire! is the keyword.