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Concourse B In Miami

Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:27 am

when i went on the website to see which airlines use B it said no this concourse under construction? will it be used by airlines in the future?
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RE: Concourse B In Miami

Sun Feb 15, 2004 6:09 am

It's currently occupied by AA flights or was last month on my last visit. For historical information, the west half was built first for Eastern Airlines and then the east half was built years later, wiping out some of the EA employees parking lot. When EA shut down in January 1991, the Aviation Department took over control of the gates (along with several EA preferential gates on "D" and all EA gates on "C"). The airport spent a fortune on "C" because it still had the 60's look inside, asbestos had to be removed and new jetbridges were needed. We also put gate controllers in the former EA Ramp Tower to assign a variety of carriers to gates on B and C. We had BA, VS, AM, Haiti Trans Air, MX, MP, CM, EU, and other carriers on B for years until Concourse "A" opened in the late 90's. After "A" opened we moved a number of "B" carriers there, leaving some carriers on "B" until AA needed the "B" gates because of their project. This freed up gates on the Concourse E Satellite that were previously used by AA and Iberia is now running their hub off the south end of the satellite.

Concourse "B" will be destroyed sometime later this year as the new AA terminal project advances into the area to create one long terminal for AA's hub. The lower portion of Concourse "A" will also be eliminated as part of the project.

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