The Ercoupe...

Sat Jan 22, 2000 12:16 pm

Earlier this week, I visited the College Park Aviation Museum. They had an Ercoupe there, and mentioned that it was unable to stall. I was visiting there with a CFI, and he insisted that "anything with wings can stall" (if it exceeds the critical angle of attack).

Does anyone know anything about the Ercoupe? Was it really stall-proof? How? Thanks for the info...

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RE: The Ercoupe...

Sat Jan 22, 2000 1:21 pm

Now there's a blast from the past! From what I can remember, the designers of this plane came from the same breed of designers as developed the Aerocar - a plane in everyone's garage!

Its reputation for being "stall proof" I believe came from the automatic rudder (the pilot had no rudder control) and limited up elevator. Because of the lack of rudder control, the main gear would caster during a crosswind landing.

That was how it was explained to me a very long time ago. I defer to someone who's actually flown one or owns one!

It was the VW Beetle of the private pilot airways in the 50's.

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RE: The Ercoupe...

Sat Jan 22, 2000 1:36 pm

Buff is correct: Ercoupes were built with limited elevator authority so the nose would drop before the wing reached its critical angle of attack. Hence no stall.

They also had the control wheel (yoke) rigged so that it controlled all three primary flight controls. There were no rudder pedals, Only brake pedals.

Many Ercoupes flying today have been modified by installing rudder pedals allowing for cross controlling ailerons and rudder. This makes croswind landings a more conventional affair.

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