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El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 12:08 am

Hi friends,

I have to book a flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv,
I know the direct routes are flown by both SABENA
and EL AL...the first on B737 or A320 and the other
on B767. I hesitate to choose El Al with its Boeing
aircraft...just because I've never tried's not
a money matter so please don't tell about me charter  
Do someone know about their onboard service also ???

thanx in advance,
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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 12:43 am

Hi TCA256,
It is always nice to welcome a future passenger to my airline.
I am sure you will enjoy ELAL 767 service from Brussels to Tel-Aviv.
The aircraft is nice (through the last 2 years ELAL had removed 20 seats out of the cabin)
There is a menu also in economy, movies and all drinks are for free.
Just note that ELAL and Sabena are code sharing the route so make sure your flight is operated by ELAL when booking.
Take care,
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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 1:09 am

hey Tca256 !
i flew two month ago with El Al 762ER 4X-EAE from TLV to FRA, that is an aircraft that usually flies to ORD or YYZ, anyway it was great!, the aircraft looks really nice inside & outside (it had the new El Al's c/s.) and he was very clean, service was pretty fine, the f/a were really kind.
I wish for you to fly with this aircraft!
but as i've understood the other 5 767's El Al has are nice to!
Have a good flight!
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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 1:43 am

Well choice is made now...I go for El Al  ,
don't worry..I'll check twice to be on a El Al flight and
not on a code-shared flight with SABENA..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oooh...4X-ELD, as you seem to know very well about
the Israeli company, do you know if the air fares are
expensive from Tel Aviv to near destinations such as
Cairo, Amman and Nicosia ??
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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 2:00 am

They shouldn't be too expencive I could check it for you with my friend who is a travel agent,
Dont know if they have the prices for summer of 2000 yet.
check your e-mail
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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 2:39 am

Shalom aver 4X-ELD, check out also your mail-box...


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RE: El Al Service On B767

Sun Jan 23, 2000 7:17 am

No, no, no. on't fly EL AL! Might I suggest Balkan Bulgarian? I flew them from JFK to TLV last year. Very cheap ticket. Movies weren't in English though.  

Not all who wander are lost....
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RE: Questions For 4X-ELD

Sun Jan 23, 2000 7:31 am

Hello 4X-ELD,
I have one or two questions for you, as I would very much like to visit Israel sometime. My parents flew to Israel on a pilgrimage about 3 years ago and liked it a lot. They thought EL AL was good too. BUT, for an aviation enthusiast, would you recommend it?
- Presumably, there's no cockpit visits or jump seats for landing? Even if you write in advance?
- Why does EL AL try to stop people taking photos of its aircraft, especially with such a nice new livery? Surely by now, they would know that they don't mean any harm?
- What's the story about the A330s and 777s?

I don't mean any disrespect; I would genuinely like to fly EL AL, as I've heard the service is very good, but the last thing I want is some security guard going into paranoid mode, just because I want a photo!
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RE: Questions For 4X-ELD

Sun Jan 23, 2000 1:50 pm

Hi Kaitak ,
I hope this will answer your questions:
No one allowed into the c/p during flight unless they are crewmembers or passengers known personally by the crew.
You will be able to visit the flight deck if you wish after landing

Never heard about anyone, who wrote to the company asking in advance for a visit, maybe you should try!
Jump seats also not available since ELAL has increased the number of crewmembers per flight (on some flights one or two crewmembers using regular passenger seats for take off and landing)

There is no problem of taking pictures of the aircrafts especially outside of Israel, it is also possible in Ben-grunion airport from the second floor of the arrival hall and from the duty free area.

No pictures are allowed of the security check area from obvious reasons.
From conversations I had with passengers most of them said that the security check made them feel more secure, knowing that everyone on board were checked to some degree.
Also if you have nothing to hide than there should be no fear, just cooperate with the person who interview you and you will be done with it in no time.

Regarding ELAL’s new planes’ order: 3 777-200ER have been order and will be delivered by February 2001.
The board of director was about to decide on purchasing 4-5 A330 for delivery only at 2003 but this is on hold now since the Israeli government (who owns ELAL) don’t want to upset the Americans (they have a point)
If you ask me we will end up buying the new 767-400

I will recommend ELAL (well, I do work for this company) but I truly think we came along way in customer service and passengers comfort.

Have a great trip to Israel!


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