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Pilots Averted Crash BY Ignoring Controller

Mon Jan 24, 2000 8:13 am

I have a copy of an article from the December 19 Washington Post that describes how a US Airways pilot refused to take off because of the foggy condition and how he believed that a United 757 was lost. It turns out that the United 757 was indeed lost and was sitting on the active runway. The US Airways pilot saved hundreds of lives by ignoring his clearance to take off.

I find it amazing that this has been kept fairly quiet. Has anyone else heard about this?

I can't post the article because it's copyrighted, and the only place I could find it was in the archives of the Washington Post, where you have to pay $1.50 to retrieve the article. I do have the article, if you want to see it. You'll have to e-mail me at mike@hypermike.com.
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RE: Pilots Averted Crash BY Ignoring Controller

Mon Jan 24, 2000 8:35 am

i had heard this also. It happened in Providence, and it involved a Metrojet 737, a UA 757 (I think...), and a FedEx cargo plane as well. The roaring sound of the FedEx jet taking off just over the UA jet can be clearly heard from the radio as the UA pilot was talking to the tower at the time the FedEx jet passed over. Apparently the FedEx jet got lucky. Scary...