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Flight Timetables

Mon Jan 24, 2000 8:09 pm

Does anybody know where I can get hold of a flight timetable (online preferably) of all flights or of an airline going back to 1997?

What I want to do is find out the serial number of a particular flight I took on Christmas day 1997 and was wondering how I could find this out, apart from asking someone.

If you do know the answer please feel free to let me know, thanx.

Malaysia Airlines
London LHR - Kuala Lumpur KUL
the return flight was 4 calendar weeks later.


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RE: Flight Timetables

Mon Jan 24, 2000 8:17 pm

usually the online stuff is only meant for future booking, therfore i doubt that you can find it somewhere on the net.

MH should know especially the Station office, usually airlines keep so called trip files for at least 5 years. In the trip file you will find everything from Passenger list to Loadsheet and others. besides they might have old time tables. Published fares (in CRS's) can be retrieved for some two years back for reasons of refunds. However this can't be done for the timetable.

Sorry can't help more.
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RE: Amir

Mon Jan 24, 2000 9:29 pm

Amir, hi there,
Any idea what happens to these when the five years is up? All shredded. Is there any way one could get hold of some before they're thrown out, or would this be considered ultra secret, even after so long a time?

I find that kind of info - flight plans, fuel loads, routings (ie all the things I shouldn't know!) very interesting!
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RE: Amir

Mon Jan 24, 2000 9:48 pm

Hi Kai Tak,

You can bet on that! the trip files are ultra intressting for plane freaks like us!

I used to arrange them when i worked at the airport. I don't know for sure what they do with them, but i doubt that you can obtain them easily. Don't forget that certain insurance and flight saftey issue might even be relevant after several years. One thing is top important, in case of any plane accident or big irregularity (hijaking..etc.) the first thing to secure (as per internal airline regulations is the) is the trip file (especially for the Loading manifest and passenger name list ;NPL)

I still have the a copy of my first loadsheet, it was a manual one for a A300-600

take care

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