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No B7E7 Orders At Asian Aerospace Unfortunately

Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:19 am

Boeing Will Not Unveil 7E7 Orders at Air Show, Asia Sales Chief Says

Feb. 24 - Boeing will not unveil launch customers for its proposed 7E7 Dreamliner at the Asian Aerospace show, which opened this morning in Singapore, according to the company's longtime Asia sales chief.

The rumors did not come true. The media "got out in front of us on that one," Dickenson said.

To further tamp down speculation, Dickenson said he has no idea which Asian carriers, if any, will be launch customers for the 200- to 250-seat jet. "That's sort of like asking me: 'The race has just started, who's going to finish first and when?' "

"There's a lot of things they still need to understand: Composite fuselages, the engines, the size of the engines, how does it fit against the multiple (7E7) models we've been talking about."

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