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American Airlines Have Very Old Planes.

Mon Jan 24, 2000 10:46 pm

About four days ago I have been on American Airlines net page ( and I was very surprised: AA operates B727 Luxury Jet planes (invented 1968). I think that very big airline like AA must change these old and noisy aircrafts into new, faster and better planes. Many little and bad air companies use newer and better planes. USA ussualy don't let noisy planes in it's territory.
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RE: American Airlines Have Very Old Planes.

Mon Jan 24, 2000 10:54 pm

One of the reasons American Airlines is so big is that they understand how to effectively use their capital assets to their best advantage. They did a study a few years back comparing the cost of continuing to operate the 727s (no, I can't remember the source, sorry) including the hushkitting, third crew member, higher fuel burn, etc. vs. replacing them with new equipment. They found that it was cheaper to continue to operate them until they more or less were unflyable. I think the timetable is 2005 or something like that now, though I imagine that a prolonged spike in fuel prices could accelerate that timetable somewhat.

If they continue to update the interiors (as they have with their MD-80s), I don't particularly have a problem with it.

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RE: American Airlines Have Very Old Planes.

Mon Jan 24, 2000 11:34 pm

I guess you don't know of the deal with Boeing, they are replacing and adding planes left and right. They have a lot of 737NGs on order, 757s, 767's and 777's. The 727s are fine aircraft, better than some of the new stuff thats out there, very fast plane. They have around 75-100 of them. With a fleet of nearly 650 aircraft, they are a small portion. Their 757s, 767s, F100s, MD80s, 737's, MD11's and others were for the most part made in the 80s, the oldest they could be is 20 years. So go back to their site and see what else they have  

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RE: American Airlines Have Very Old Planes.

Tue Jan 25, 2000 1:04 am

Just an FYI... This is AA's fleet size and breakdown:
B-777 13
MD-11 10
DC-10 8
A300 35
B-767 79
B-757 102
B-727 68
B-737 27
S-80 259
RENO A/C MD-80'S 20 MD-90'S 5
F-100 75
Total fleet count is 701. Lets not forget that Delta and United make fairly heavy use of the 727's as well.
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RE: American Airlines Have Very Old Planes.

Tue Jan 25, 2000 1:16 am

NW still flies the largest DC-9 fleet and they are as old or older than most of AA's 727-200s! Besides, a lot of the 727-200s that they use now are the later ones built in the late seventies and early eighties, the newest being built around March 1981. There are some people out there that beleive there is NO plane better than the 727! They are rugged, reliable, and dependable! The fact that they are still being used when they could have been replaced is a testament to how good they are!

Long Live the 727!

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