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TASEA started in the late 80's in Mexico with a fleet of corporate jets and 727-100's. In 1991-92 they leases 737-300's and 757-200's from GPA. In 1991 they took over LaTur who was in recievership and added a small number of MD-80's to their fleet. Inthe next few years, they changed their livery to yellow white an blue lettering, added 727-200s, DC-9's and a DC-10F. apparently they grew quite a bit but lost two Lears in the early 90's. I don't recall hearing much about them until the 1999 Uruapan crash of a DC-9-30 where 18 people were killed. What ever happened to them. There isn't a whole lot about thew airline on the internet execpt pictures here and an accident synopsis on www.aviation-safety.net.
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The NTSB determined that one of the crashes of the learjets, the one in DC in '94 had a probable cause a "definite lack of airmanship" on the part of the flying pilot. He was approaching runway 01 at Dulles on his third attempt, I believe, when he simply deviated from the glideslope during the whole part of final approach. It's even proposed on the report that the power lines on the approach path were left intact because the plane passed UNDERNEATH them.

The crash of the DC-9 in '99 was determined by the Dirección General de Aeronaútica Civil (DGAC) to have been caused by cockpit distraction. There was a slat disgreement during takeoff (the slats on one wing retracted while the ones of the other didn´t) and while following the procedure for correcting this problem the pilots got distracted and lost their spatial orientation to the point that they panicked and flew the plane into the ground. You can even hear on the CVR recording one of the copilots yelling about eight times to ATC Emergencia!

So, as you can see, both crashes reflected a lack of good training by TAESA. There were also rumors that they flew their cargo 727 red-eyes to the States with only one pilot on several occasions. Whether this is true or not I cannot say.

I always made a point not to fly on TAESA and told my friend to avoid it like the plague.

I hope I was helpful


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