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Question On US If They Go Under

Thu Feb 26, 2004 3:15 pm

Here is a question on US if they go under. If they do indeed go under, what would be the logistics of Airlines like WN and B6 moving into markets such as PHL and PIT big time?

My rational behind this would say it is a bad idea considering that these airlines have hubs/major focus cities close by in JFK and in BWI. On the flip side of the coin, the advantages I can see are taking up slot space in airports such as LGA, BOS, DCA that will be bountiful. But it seems like it would be a tough call. My final question is how do you think the fleet would be divided up? I would think the 320's might head by way of B6 or NW, if either would take on more planes or used planes. The 319's, 321's to United/HP/NW? 330's to a plethora of carriers? Also the old 737s, do you think any would go to mainline US carriers or are they a little to dated/used, and would they likely be sent to "second rate" airlines? And of course the commuter fleets, I imagine would just enter service with numerous other airlines? Just a few thoughts to digest this evening. Thanks Folks.

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RE: Question On US If They Go Under

Thu Feb 26, 2004 5:11 pm

I think the true “key” assets of US are the Shuttle + other gates & slots at BOS/LGA/DCA, the PHL & CLT hubs and the Airbii fleet.

If US were to liquidate, there’s little doubt their entire fleet would become stranded/scrapped or scattered about among various airlines around the world. If the price is right, NW – the only major airline within the USA using the same engines on their Airbii (both the A32S and A330) – may opt to purchase a chunk of US’s birds, but I doubt UA/HP/B6 would have interest in them (different engines).

When UA was pursuing US, NW was the only airline who expressed interest in PHL... they also expressed interest in hubbing in PHL in the early 1990s, when they announced their intentions to acquire the original Midway. NW would undoubtedly be the only “legacy” carrier who’d attempt a hub at PHL, but a LCC establishing a large presence there could turn them away (and I doubt WN, B6, FL, etc. would opt for a “hub” there, just a large presence).

Any of the five legacy carriers except DL could take-over CLT... but then again, AA could choose to build-up RDU (again) instead and that could hamper another carrier dominating CLT like US does.

The Shuttle could wind up with a number of carriers, as could the other gates/slots at BOS/LGA/DCA – or the latter could be scattered about.

But of course, this is all speculation & we’ll get flamed by US fans / employees who insist we’re predicting gloom & doom for their beloved airline. That’s NOT my point.  Smile