United Or Northwest Service To Manchester

Tue Jan 25, 2000 6:06 am

Both United and Northwest appear to be missing from the lineup at Manchester. We now recieve Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta and US Airways from North America. It appears these are the only 2 majors now missing from the USA.

United used to fly IAD-GLA but the route failed, not that surprising. I know United to IAD is on Manchester's "hit-list" of new routes in the next few years, I'm just surprised we haven't seen it yet.

Northwest have been looking at DTW-MAN service for years. A couple of years ago I read they wanted to launch the route but didn't have any spare DC-10s. What's the situation now?

Judiging by flights to ORD, EWR, JFK, PHL, MCO, YYZ etc it seems these airlines are missing on the opportunities left my London (British) Airways only having one Transatlantic flight from MAN. BA's pax figures at MAN are falling because people don't want to change planes at LHR (it's not a nice hub) They'd rather change at AMS, CDG, FRA, EWR, ATL, JFK etc. Or even better, they like the airlines; Air Canada, Air Mauritius, American, Cathay Pacific, Continental, Delta, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Pakistan International, Singapore Airlines, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic. All these offer Long-Haul service from MAN. Do you think BA appear to be missing something and UA and NW aren't taking advantage of it!