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Flying To The East Coast- Good Luck

Tue Jan 25, 2000 1:04 pm

A surprise change in a storn has forecast DC , Deleware and NJ under almost a foot of snow. Good luck if your flying here to the East. Call your airline. Those flying United or USAirways (hubbed here on the East) could also be affected even if your flight never hits the East because planes may be stuck here. Call your airline! United is 800-241-6522. Good luck!
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Track Of Storm

Tue Jan 25, 2000 1:24 pm

As always, I'm tracking this beast of storm. It seems like the center is going to track right over Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

The isobars are close together indicating a strong low pressure system and high winds. This, folks, is a true no'reaster in every sense of the word.

Winter Storm Watches and Warnings have been posted all through the East Coast.

I'd advise everyone to stay home, unless you like to camp at the airport and fight for the radiator. You can check on the status of your flight by clicking here:

Again, Winter Weather Warnings have been posted until Wednesday morning at the latest. Please keep tuned to your local NOAA outlet and your local media outlets.

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Neil B. Harrison
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RE: Flying To The East Coast- Good Luck

Wed Jan 26, 2000 12:28 am

Yeah it definately sucks if you want to get in here today. The majority of the Northeast corridor is at ground stop and may not get going for a while. Up here by MHT and BOS we are getting around 2"+ per hour. Good Luck everyone.
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RE: Flying To The East Coast- Good Luck

Wed Jan 26, 2000 12:43 am

Amtrak is running okay on the Northeast...maybe with little delayed...I understand we're helping the airlines transporting passengers along the Northeast.

I'm at work -- we never shut down  

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Have A Look!

Wed Jan 26, 2000 1:51 am

Although this site is down at the moment(most likely due to weather) it shows the PHL airport via live video.

RE: Boston Was Closed

Wed Jan 26, 2000 5:24 am

Logan International here in Boston was supposed to reopen at 3pm Eastern Time after being closed for several hours for plowing.

While we didn't get as much snow as some of the other Northeast US cities, it is still a major mess around here. I know many flights have been cancelled.

There's a great web site for anyone who wants to track Logan flights, it is their homepage, (

It's pretty good, check it out!
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AmtrakGuy - Question

Wed Jan 26, 2000 6:41 am


Since you don't have an email listed, I'm going to put this question here. You can get back to me privately if you wish (my email address is under "User Info").

What's up with Acela? When are we expected to see that up and running?

Thank you,

Neil Harrison