Concorde, Worth The $?

Tue Jan 25, 2000 2:38 pm

Is taking the Concorde, worth the ridiculous cost? I know about the time factor, but is it more comfortable than say BA in first class?
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RE: Concorde, Worth The $?

Tue Jan 25, 2000 3:10 pm

That depends. Do you have the financial resources to say you've flown on the Concorde? I think that's the real appeal.
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RE: Concorde, Worth The $?

Tue Jan 25, 2000 4:08 pm

I've been there and done that. It's not all that fascinating, it's like a small 757 actually, and no, it's not too comfortable. It's unique, though, in little ways. I wouldn't waste too much money on it.
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RE: Concorde, Worth The $?

Tue Jan 25, 2000 4:17 pm

My grandparents took an around the world trip on the Concorde a few months ago. The trip was for about a month and they went all over the place with the Concorde always being their mode of transportation. The trip for the two of them was quite expensive, but they said that it was awesome and they were planning on doing it again. However, they said that the most unenjoyable part of the trip was the flying. They said the cabin was a little cramped and a little noisey for the price. But, they said that it got them there fast and they didn't have to endure it for too long. Plus, they said it was an interesting experience.
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Not Comfortable, It Is About Time...

Tue Jan 25, 2000 7:19 pm

It is not very comfy at all.. Very tight compared to BA first class... Cabin is about as narrow as an MD82/83 about 100 seats...

It is worth it if your time is worth it...

Do you have two meetings you have to make...

Are you a rock star with a concert in London and another the same day in NYC?

Then it is worth it... Otherwise it is just a been there done that...

Yes, Been there done that in 1987 won two passes at a Pan Am Employee X-mas party... I liked it.. But F class is much more comfortable
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How Much Is It Really?

Wed Jan 26, 2000 6:44 am

How much does a Concorde trip really cost? I've heard between US$6000-$8000, but I don't know whether that's for a round trip or one way, or a pre-planned or last-second booking.