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Air New Zealand 744s At SYD?

Thu Mar 04, 2004 12:43 pm

I was wondering if ANZ flew their 744s into Sydney? Even though they cancelled the SYD-LAX route, was that also the end of 744 service? If they don't fly them, why not? Thanks!
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RE: Air New Zealand 744s At SYD?

Thu Mar 04, 2004 2:00 pm

According to the Air NZ schedule Air NZ no longer has any B744s operating any flights to SYD from both AKL or CHC. Flights are operated by A320, B762 and B763. Air NZ use to have B744s operating the AKL to SYD and return flights but they have now been re-deployed to other routes.
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RE: Air New Zealand 744s At SYD?

Thu Mar 04, 2004 6:29 pm

However sometimes (in the past anyway) you would have seen a 747 subbing for a 767...
Back in 2000 I booked AKL-BNE and SYD-AKL on NZ, both on 767s at the time of booking. Well, both flights ended up being operated by 747s. A 767 was unservicable in the Pacific Islands so they flew in a 747 to pick us up from SYD (6 hours delay though!).
With the new Express service I dont know if you will see 744s at SYD again!
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RE: Air New Zealand 744s At SYD?

Thu Mar 04, 2004 6:37 pm

The battle for the premium class traveler between AKL and SYD is all about frequency and convenience.

As 777ER states, there are now a variety of smaller NZ craft plying the route. This is so as to attract a better class of traveler by providing more options on when, assuming that they'll then become regulars on the how.

The old 744's were providing capacity and a return of the craft to base. UA now provide the Star link between LAX and SYD and NZ can link you regularly, each day between SYD and AKL.
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