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Flashing Landing Lights

Thu Jan 27, 2000 1:41 am

Need an answer to the following question:

I have noticed that several of Westjet's 737-200's have landing lights that alternate on and off from the left side to the right side and vice versa. I have seen other 737's with just solid landing lights on both sides. What is the reason for this? Is westjet the only airline that has it or are there others. Let me know

RE: Flashing Landing Lights

Thu Jan 27, 2000 2:11 am

I have noticed that often myself. I live in Edmonton and I fly Westjet about once a month when I have to, to Calgary. I have seen the flashing lights but I have yet to ask anybody at the airline. Just slips my mind I guess. Perhaps it is all part of their laid back atmosphere, just trying to be different. Or else one of their electrical guys made a big mistake! YIKES!

I would assume that at night there would be some kind of regulation about flashing landing lights??

RE: Flashing Landing Lights

Thu Jan 27, 2000 5:41 am

There is no regulation, it is just an optional configuration designed to increase visibility. Tricks the eye into thinking that it detects motion, thereby grabbing your attention. Southwest Airlines is the only other airline that I have noticed employing the technique. This technique is fairly common in general aviation, usually called 'Pulselights' which I believe is a brand name.
Hope this helps...

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Westjet 737s

Thu Jan 27, 2000 10:16 am

Don't know about the rest of Westet's 737 fleet having the pulsating lights, but at least two of their aircraft of them, since they used to operated by SWA....
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RE: Westjet 737s

Thu Jan 27, 2000 10:49 am

Southwest is the only other airline I've seen that had them.