Armenian Airlines IL-86 Question..

Thu Jan 27, 2000 3:30 am

In recent Airliner World Magazine, i came across a picture of an Armenian Airline Il-86.

The question i have is, what do the titles ATLANT-SOYUZ mean across the fuselage, instead of the normal Armenian Ailines name.

for reference it is EK-86117 IL-86

Thank you.
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RE: Armenian Airlines IL-86 Question..

Thu Jan 27, 2000 5:43 am

Atlant Soyuz is just another one of the former USSR's "Babyflots". Atlant is someone's God who is supposed to hold up the sky, and Soyuz is Russian for Union (the first initial in CCCP).

Aeroflot ARIA is now only the Moscow Sheremetyevo2-based-fleet of the original Aeroflot Soviet Airlines. Each fleet of aircraft, or sometimes region, are now their own airline (although a lot have merged or gone out of business).

It seems that there is also a lot of leasing/selling going on with them so you get strange combinations of one airline's livery and just the titles of another as you saw in that magazine. Actually, EK-86117 was one of the last Il-86's produced.

Has anyone else noticed that the smaller the Babyflot, the more striking and beautiful/original it's colours are?? It was such a treat to visit Moscow/Domodedovo airport and see them all. I will have to post the photos one of these days.