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AA1420 Can't See The Runway

Thu Jan 27, 2000 10:35 am

Well, the NTSB's report on AA 1420's crash last year is out. The Pilot was unable to see the runway, even down at 100 ft. above it. There was severe weather alerts, severe weather going on at that time & place. The Co-Pilot recommended against landing, the Pilot ignored this.

The Pilot died. The plane landed off center, and skidded. maybe the pilot was trying to center her up after landing I don't know.

But the disturbing thing is why did they even attempt to land in those conditions? Just to keep on time? I cannot believe that. Also, American has had several crashes in recent years that also had incidents of Pilots ignoring warnings. I am starting to wonder about AA's corporate attitude: pushing too hard to keep up the ontime ratings and working crews up to the limit so they have to cut corners to get on the ground before their flying time is up.
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RE: AA1420 Can't See The Runway

Thu Jan 27, 2000 11:44 am

Where did you hear this?? Wherever it's from, I'm afraid your source is mistaken. The NTSB has not even come close to issuing its final report on American 1420... they just started their hearings this morning! Further, in his testimony, First Officer Michael Origel testified that he could see the runway, contrary to what your source has stated.

"``We could see the runway. The reports (of bad weather) weren't concurring with what we were seeing,'' Origel said."

I also haven't seen any reports that he reccommended against the landing.

To answer your questions, they attempted to land because, based on their visual and radar information, the pilots believed that it was safe to do so. Let's be honest now... no pilot is going to land an airplane in a storm if he doesn't believe it to be safe. Why would Captain Buschmann have risked his life along with 144 others if he didn't think that it was safe? While we're at it, what other "several crashes" have there been at American in which pilots failed to heed warnings? The only other recent crash of American that I can think of is the 1995 crash of a 757 into a mountainside near Cali, Columbia. This was not an accident in which the pilots ignored warnings, they simply told the aircraft (by entering the wrong information into the FMS) to fly into the mountain.

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