What Do You Order?

Thu Jan 27, 2000 12:26 pm

Since we all here love aviation, some of us are bound to order some sort of aviation magazine. So what magazine do you order? Or what is your favorite aviation magazine that you buy from a news stand?
i.e, Airways, Airliners, Aviation Weekly, Air Transport, Flying, etc........
I order Airways magazine. It has great articles and jampacked with excellent photos.
What do you order/buy?

-WiL SW737
Tom in NO
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RE: What Do You Order?

Thu Jan 27, 2000 12:32 pm

Here's my list:

Via personal mail: Airliners, Airways
Pick up at newstand: Airliner World (when they have it)
Mail subscription at work: Air Transport World, Aviation Week, Passenger Terminal, Airports International

Tom in NO (at MSY)
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RE: What Do You Order?

Thu Jan 27, 2000 1:02 pm

I subscribe to Airliners, Airways and ATW. Also, as an airline model collector, I also subscribe to a magazine called Wings World from Germany. If you'd ever heard of Herpa Wings, they are the smaller scale diecast metal models, which this magazine revolves around, but also has some very interesting aviation related articles as well. The text is in German and English.
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RE: What Do You Order?

Thu Jan 27, 2000 3:24 pm

I subscribe to Air Transport World, and i also read Flight International from this book store in the mall whenever i go there!!!!!!