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Questions For Cathay-Experts

Thu Jan 27, 2000 4:22 pm

It seems I will go to Brisbane on Cathay Pacific (via LHR and HKG on B744 and A343), and therefore I have some important questions for (true) Cathay-experts.

How many B744s are already equipped with personal TVs in Economy (or better how many aren't equipped yet), and how many still fly around in old colours?
I've heard that those three A340-300s that have been bought from Air China were just repainted in CX colours and entered service, without any service upgrades (no personal TVs in Economy as all the other 11 A340 that CX bought directly from Airbus). Is that true? And if so, do those "poor A340s" fly the longhaul routes?

By the way, isn't LHR-HKG a prestige route, one of their most important? In that case I guess they fly highly equipped planes on that route only. Or is that a wrong guess?

Thanks for any answers!

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RE: Questions For Cathay-Experts

Thu Jan 27, 2000 7:18 pm

Cathay Pacific has a great service and with the introduction of its upgraded Boeing 747-400 (11 aircrafts out of 19) also known as 74B and 74J. The 74B (seven aircrafts to date) services the European routes during the evening and Tokyo and Taipei during the day when it returns to home base. These aircrafts features the new First Class and all economy class have PTV's on every seat...a truely classy aircraft.

On the other hand, the 74J aircrafts are used on the North American routes to Los Angeles, Vancouver and New York. There are 4 aircrafts reconfigured into 90 business class seats, since there is a high demand for Business Class across the Pacific. These aircrafts also have PTV's in every Economy class seats.

In response to your questions about Airbus A340-300 aircrafts, the aircrafts brought directly from the factory have PTV's and the leased Air China aircrafts don't and CX does not use them on European (long-haul) services. It is used mainly on HKG to BKK and KUL.

The Air China aircrafts were leased in because of several reasons, firstly to speed up the introduction of the airlines new superb First Class product and secondly, the Asian travel market is booming faster than intially predicted and CX requires more plans than what manufacturers can promise....once new planes are delivered, then the leased aircrafts will be returned to owners. It is temporary while the airline awaits its orders.
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RE: Questions For Cathay-Experts

Thu Jan 27, 2000 7:33 pm

Just to add to the previous already informative post, we have 4 maybe 5 (Not sure if B-HUI is new or old) 747-400s left in the old colours, and one 744F, but you probably won't be flying on that  

As for where the Air China A340s go, they are currently almost always on the Adelaide route and I know that they go to Melbourne quite often as well. They are used on these routes which are semi-long haul. Did you say you were going to Brisbane? The A330s now flies there quite often I believe.

The Air China A340s are on a three year lease, and the Gulf Air A340s to be delivered later this year will have the full Cathay interior. I am told that the Air China ones do have Cathay interiors, although they have seats with no PTVs.

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B-HUI Is In Old Colours

Thu Jan 27, 2000 7:50 pm

my friend from hong kong came to melbourne in november and at the airport ob. deck i saw the aircraft from hong kong was a 747-400 (BHUI) and it is still in old colours.
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RE: Questions For Cathay-Experts

Thu Jan 27, 2000 8:10 pm

In July - August Last year I flew on Cathay Pacific on this route


BKK - HKG I flew on CX's new 744s equippeed with PTV.. it was great
HKG - BKK I flew on CX's new 773s .. I think the PTVs are larger than 744s , but the system I think the 744s are better

however on my long routes
HKG - AMS and LHR - BKK the 2 744s are still in old colors without any PTV , it made me a little bit disappointed since I chose CX because of the PTV , and here I am missing PTVs on both of my long routes ( I should have chosen SQ for the PTV for the same price )