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German Charter Airline AeroLloyd Fraud?!?

Sat Mar 13, 2004 5:29 am

I have booked last September for December a flight with Aero Lloyd a german charter company and paid for the flights.

No refund at all....:!!! Normal for a bancruptcy of course but now the haul story:

In October the airline filed for bancruptcy and stopped operation. Main shareholder was "Bayersiche Landesbank" who also leased and owned all airbus aircrafts to AeroLloyd.

AeroLloyd itself was not anymore able to pay the "Lease Rentals" of the entire fleet and also Bayerische was paying a lot of the debts and gave more credits into Aero Lloyd company.

From one day to another Bayerische decided to close Aero Lloyd finally.
They went into bancruptcy and forget about the debts.

Now 4 to 5 months later AeroFlight the new company opened out of the insolvency became the AOC issued from german CAA.

Normally no problem !! But in this case normally the application for an AOC takes around at least 6 months for new companies to get approved, why in this case faster, if it is a new company ?!?

Ohh wonder, two A 321`s from Bayerische Landesbank !! Do they get paid now for the aircrafts ??

It looks that this was the haul plan from the bank to get rid of the debts and credit facilities and open a new company via a few shareholders to get paid for Lease rentals.

Thousands of people lost money due to pre-payments, thusands got stranded at different airports a lot of companies lost money as credits to AeroLloyd. A lot of people lost their job and have to agree new conditions from the new AeroFlight.

For me this sounds really like fraud from the bank side.....

RE: German Charter Airline AeroLloyd Fraud?!?

Sat Mar 13, 2004 8:46 pm

Indeed, Delta.
The single customer mostly has the worst card in the game. Same when SWISSAIR disappeared and a "new" airline SWISS started with SR planes.
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RE: German Charter Airline AeroLloyd Fraud?!?

Sat Mar 13, 2004 10:31 pm

I am with you, Delta.

It looks like a dirty trick. But on the other hand, it is not a new one. I think we could see similar manner in other cases as well, but most of them are not so spectacular like this one. Please remember on more than 40,000 bankruptcies in Germany last year. Unfortunately not less of it were made by criminal energy.
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RE: German Charter Airline AeroLloyd Fraud?!?

Sun Mar 14, 2004 5:51 am

Of course, but this criminal act from a state owned bank.
Also the three A 319`s ex SN was till last month in storage since the SN collapse.
Also this aircrafts were been overfinanced from Airbus to SN and Bayerische did this finance with money from the german public.

Nice thing, no wonder why in Germany the economic is so bad.
Okay over financing is quite common I guess, but don`t to remarket a A319 brand new faster due to the overfinanced hight expected lease rate is stupid out of my view.

But as far as I know Meridiana got this aircrafts now ?!?

In my view Bayerische Landesbank is all in suspected to deal bad with the money of their clients and the german state.

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